Nielsen Consumer Panel is Looking for New Members (earn great rewards)!

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Nielsen Consumer Panel is looking for more households to join their program again! Click above to apply. You can earn some really great rewards!

The Nielsen Consumer Panel has opened up again and is now taking NEW applications! You may be approved based on your zip code.

The Nielsen Consumer Panel is a “mini-U.S.A.”, representing millions of Americans. By scanning the bar codes on your purchases and completing fun surveys, you can make your opinions count in the consumer marketplace. Nielsen will send you a scanner to scan your products and in turn you received valuable gift points that are redeemable for electronics, household items, jewelry, toys and lots more!

They may not have a spot available in your zip code now, but one could open up at anytime- check to see if you can get on their waiting list- this is a hugely popular panel to join. Good Luck!

The process is really quite simple:

  • Scan anything you buy that has a bar code with the scanner supplied by Nielsen
  • Enter the price of the item (not necessary for Kroger and Meijer – the two grocery stores that I use)
  • Enter coupons
  • Enter total amount paid
  • Enter payment method
  • Place scanner back in stand

Once per week the scanner sends the data automatically through my cable Internet connection. I do not have to do anything. I also fill out online surveys through their website and receive bonus points for completing the surveys. If I scan every week (and I have) I receive bonus points at the end of the month. There are also opportunities to win money – not happened to me yet – but there are weekly winners.

If you have ever thought about applying to do this, I really encourage you to do so. It doesn’t cost you anything except a bit of time. I hear that younger children really enjoy helping scan the items.

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