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If you have been thinking about starting a coupon binder or upgrading the binder you already have, I have put together my very own binder for you guys. It’s totally FREE – except the cost of your ink and paper :) . I printed mine in color but you could also print in black and white – it just won’t be as cute!

I’ve also included links to items that I purchased on Amazon to put my binder together. I would also suggest you look at Walmart and office supply stores to see if you can find them cheaper. If you already have a binder and you simply want to upgrade it and make it look prettier, then all you need to do is print the files below. I placed all printed pages in clear sheet protectors so they would last and not rip out of my binder. You may not need all the categories I have included. For example, you don’t need the pet category if you don’t have a pet. 😉

Materials to put binder together:

  • 3 inch binder (I bought mine at Costco – but office supply stores often have great sales on them)
  • Clear sheet protectors – I used 31 (I put all printed papers in these protectors so they wouldn’t tear out easily)
  • Insertable Plastic dividers – I used 23 (I highly recommend plastic dividers as the paper ones tear up pretty quickly)
  • Plastic tabbed dividers with slash pocket – I used 6 (I love using these to keep the weekly flyers for each store)
  • 9 pocket pages used to hold coupons – I used 4 of these in each section except for the drug stores (total of 104)
  • 3 pocket pages used to hold drug store coupons and reward money – I used 6 of these (2 in each drug store section)

Files to print:


Instructions on how to put binder together:

  • Place the title page underneath the plastic sleeve on the front of the binder.
  • Then put the following in a sheet protector: table of contents, coupon divider sections, Sunday coupon insert schedule, coupon lingo, stock up price list, and price book worksheets.
  • Place the printed tabs in the inserts of the dividers (I followed the order in which they printed). I put the store tabs in the plastic tabbed dividers with slash pockets.
  • Now assemble your binder:
    • table of contents
    • dividers (follow the order list in the table of contents)
    • In the information section put the shopping list, Sunday coupon insert schedule, coupon lingo, stock up price list, and price book worksheets.
    • Behind each divider place category sheets that you already placed in sheet protectors.
    • Place four 9 pocket sheets in each category (except the drug stores – if you purchased the 3 pocket sheets).
    • Place two 3 pocket sheets in each drug store category.
  • I also keep a copy of store coupon policies in each store section.
  • At the very front of the binder you could put a zipper pencil pouch. Inside it, keep scissors and a pen.
  • Now it’s time to fill your binder with coupons!

I truly hope you enjoy this binder and it makes your life with coupons a little more organized.

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  1. angel says

    Thank you so much I love the pages and lists to print. That was awesome!! I printed 20 pages of the Shopping list. Thanks again for all your hard work. :)

  2. Michelle says

    I love this. I’m going to make some changes to my binder. I’m going to share this with my daughter too. Thanks!

  3. Becky says

    Wondering how to get best bang for my buck in a state(Michigan) that doesn’t allow coupon doubling, etc. what do you recommend? Thanks!!

    • Couponing to be Debt Free says

      We don’t have coupon doubling here any more and I can still save a lot of money by using sales, coupons and earning store rewards.

      • Becky says

        Thank you for your reply. Do you ever pay separate orders in the checkout when there’s limits on items you want more than the store allows? I always feel embarrassed to do this.

        • Couponing to be Debt Free says

          I sometimes do multiple transactions at CVS (I always go to the back of the line for the next transaction if there is a line behind me). At grocery stores, I occasionally do separate transactions.

  4. Doris Smith says

    I’m not sure how to get started. Would appreciate any help you can provide.
    Would love it someone would have class in Dithan,Al

  5. says

    I love the printables part of this. I have a coupon binder, but I dont have all of these printables. Thank you for sharing them. I think I will make that my Sunday project.

  6. Nancy says

    I’m not sure how to create my own stockup list. Now I just compare a sale price with my price list and if it’s cheaper I buy it. If it’s a good saving I buy several or a lot because I never know when it will be on sale again. Or when or if I have a coupon, which tend to expire quickly, I buy it for the savings even when it’s not on sale. Any suggestions?

    • Couponing to be Debt Free says

      Keep track of the regular price for items you normally buy. Then notice the price it is when it goes on sale. Now look for a coupon. The price after the sale price and the coupon is your stock up price. When ever you can get that item for that price in the future, you need to stock up. Depending on your area, you can expect items to go on sale every 6 – 12 weeks.

  7. Jeannie York-Muro says

    Thank you for all your hard work. I just saved these to my computer and will be printing and re-organizing my existing binder. Again, thank you for all you do for us.

  8. says

    Thanks, this was a great start. I tried before but was never ORGANIZED CORRECTLY. Now i need to learn how to put this together so i can statr saving money…. Thanks again a Newbie

  9. Deborah Montagna says

    Just a thought – I laminated my shopping list so I can use it over & over- I keep it on the fridge (so we can mark what we need) till shopping time then place it in front in my binder- shop, wipe it clean & place back on fridge!
    I don’t use dividers or tabs, put have small white labels on the right front corners and organized alphabetically (almost) – I keep yogurt & cheese right behind dairy.
    Thank you for your tips too!

  10. Angie says

    Thank you so much for providing this and all of the hard work you put into this!! I have been struggling to figure out how to get all this organized and this is going to be a BIG help. Thanks again!!

  11. says

    Thank you so much for sharing everything that you do and all your hard work that goes into it. IT really has helped me with being more organized and the money saving tips are the bomb!

  12. lisa says

    I like the design. I have a small pouch type holder for coupons. I often miss a good sale because I have to pull all of them out of the pouch, and often forget. You can see what you have at a glance with yours.

  13. says

    Thanks so much for the Terrific Review/Information on Ultimate Coupon Binder! This is a really neat and well organized way to do your couponing! It’s a little bit too complicated for me though! I have a nice coupon holder with separation tabs which I filled out and can easily get to the coupons I need! I also take the flyer to the store where I am shopping along with me! Before I Go shopping, I check all the advertisements to the different stores, check my coupons, and check for online coupons as well! Once I know who has the better deals on what I need, That’s where I will go and take my coupons along! Thanks so much for sharing your terrific review and the information on how to make the Ultimate Coupon Binder with all of us! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks Again! Michele :)

  14. lisa says

    I like the zipper pouch idea. When I bring coupons, I don’t always have them cut out. When I tear it out I sometimes rip it and it can’t be used.

  15. Cindy S. says

    Wow….this covers every angle. This is the organization my hubby and I need for our pile of coupons!

  16. lisa says

    I use coupons and save quite a bit. It’s a chore clipping and sorting them. Half the time I forget to bring them.

  17. lisa says

    It’s good to have a binder. I used to have coupons cut and scattered all over the house. They’d usually expire before I’d use them.

  18. says

    Thanks for your Fantastic Review on Ultimate Coupon Binder! WOW! You are extremely organized when it comes to couponing! I thought that I was pretty good at keeping my coupons, however, after reading your review, my system is ancient compared to what you do! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review, the pictures and your personal and professional opinions on Ultimate Coupon Binder with all of us! Thanks again! Michele :)

  19. lisa says

    I wish that the store and would price items correctly to begin with. Everything is over priced and they know coupons are a pain.

  20. Betsy Barnes says

    These printables are fantastic! There is no reason I cannot be organized with this system, thanks! :)

  21. Michele P says

    This is definitely a great idea, if you are going to use coupons and do rebates etc… it is imperative that you have a good system set up and be organized.

  22. lisa says

    I’m happy just to go through and clip the coupons from the Sunday paper before the next weeks comes in.

  23. lisa says

    It sort of sounds like a lot of work.By the time the items are purchased and it’s put together. Maybe, if I had everything on hand, sure.

  24. lisa says

    You are much more organized and hands on than I am. If there’s a product out there that’s inexpensive I’ll pick it up.

  25. lisa says

    I don’t have a smart phone but I’ve been seeing that instead of paper coupons, you can scan it on the phone and redeem at the store.

  26. Laurie Nykaza says

    Love the ideas you gave so I can create a binder to help me when I’m doing this to save money for my family

  27. Karen Jaras says

    I rarely use coupons now that we are empty nesters. I will collect them to help my kids out but that’s about it as the 2 of us need very little.

  28. lisa says

    Even with a binder, I’m still not good about updating coupons. Maybe once a year I’ll go through and update.

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