Stock Up Price List – Updated for 2014

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stock up price list

This week I took a look at my stock up price list and made some adjustments. The price of things keep going up! The prices listed are the prices I want to pay for items when I plan on stocking up for the next sale. Remember, prices fluctuate regionally so my stock up price may not be a good stock up price for your area.

You can print my stock up price list here.

Have you updated your stock up price list lately? I encourage you to make your own list (or revisit your list) as prices have gone up and you need to know what a good price is so you can save as much as possible!

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  1. says

    I found chicken for $1.77/lb today at Sam’s Club! That was better than the prices around town, and less than my usual limit of $1.99 for our area. So excited, I stocked up! Thank you for your posts, they have been SO helpful in teaching me how to look at prices and determine which are deals and which aren’t!

  2. Tamara says

    I am trying to make a stock up list of my own but until I am able to create one I am trying to find one closest to my region. Is there any way you can let me know which region this list refers to?

  3. Sara Weekley says

    Prices in Ga are jumping up like crazy and meat here is so expensive. I use Zaycon for bulk meats

  4. lisa says

    Wow! You really have it together. I stock up on paper items and non perishables. Meat gets freezer burnt before it gets used here.

  5. Tamra Phelps says

    Prices have definitely gone nuts on some items lately. With avian flu forcing farmers to destroy millions of chickens, eggs recently cost me over $3 a dozen! When I found then for $1.97 I was thrilled.

  6. patrick jones says

    i don’t usually do as much research other than sales flyers…i do remember getting items at a good price and comparing it later when another “sale” is on…sometimes the new price is the sale but it’s went up in the meantime! i used to get meats like ham/turkey ahead of a holiday thinking it was the best price only to find out…usually in MY area-PA that the WEEK OF the holiday is the best rate so i get it then like whole/half spiral sliced hams for .99/lb

  7. says

    Grocery prices are high everywhere even in Indiana. We use coupons when we can get them but live in a small town that doesn’t have a large news paper or coupons. This is a great site, thanks.

  8. lisa says

    I was grocery shopping on 9-11. I really got nervous and stocked up on so many items. I probably still have some of them all these years later.

  9. Karen Beckett says

    I like to stock up when things are on sale. I also like to use coupons for even better bargains. Doesn’t hurt to be a savvy shopper!

  10. lisa says

    It’s always good to have certain items on hand. It’s also easy to go overboard. Remember, food has an expiration date.

  11. lisa says

    It’s good to be prepared and keep extra items on hand. Especially if you live in an are that gets hit by tropical storms and hurricanes.

  12. lisa says

    I’m not that organized,If I need something I generally will run to the grocery store and pick it up.

  13. Lori Pouncey says

    I am a pretty frugal shopper, more so in the winter than the summer only because in the summer I am constantly on the go lol it sounds dumb but it takes a lot of time for me to be frugal. I live a very crazy, fast life and in order for me to be frugal and save money I have to be well organized and prepared and it is hard when always on the go! thanks for the great information :)

  14. lisa says

    You can always shop at a warehouse store and get good prices. We have several locally and not all charge to be a member.

  15. lisa says

    I don’t know if you can become debt free by using coupons. It helps you keep total costs down. In general, it’s best to as you mention, buy in bulk when you can and not use credit. Pay cash. If you can’t afford it, save for it.

  16. lisa says

    It can be difficult when you’re starting out to save money. You have good tips. I had a rough time when I was a young mother trying to make ends meet.

  17. Lynda Del says

    I haven’t been doing any stockpiling lately, but I sure do want to take it up again. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Betsy Barnes says

    This list is so very helpful. I do have a list of my most bought items, I just never thought to add stock up prices, great idea :)

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