New Year Memory Jar

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2013 has passed and 2014 is finally here. I don’t know about you all, but I was SO ready for a new year to start! New beginnings, clean slates, and all that…

My family started a tradition last New Year with our memories jar. The point of the jar is to write down anything memorable, funny, or exciting that happens and put it in the jar. When New Year’s Eve rolls around, you sit down and reflect on the moments you captured from the previous year.

This tradition was GREAT in theory. However, I have to admit that as we got busy, the jar was almost forgotten about. When New Year’s Eve came we did not have as many memories written down as I had hoped. The majority of ours came from the beginning of the year when the jar was fresh in our mind. But it was fun to sit with everyone and talk about these events together.

Even though it did not turn out how I wanted, I am not ready to give up hope! We will be doing this again this year but I PLAN on being more vigilant on writing things down. In attempts of doing this, I actually decorated a jar this year instead of simply using a Tupperware container. Plus, now that we have a pretty jar, it is staying out in the living room where we can constantly see it and be reminded, yay! I am super excited to do this better this year!

Does your family do something similar to our new tradition? Do you have any tips for me to remember to write things down? I would love to hear from you all J

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