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  1. Cynthia Gaultney says

    I am married with three children. Two are mine and the third, well she’s mine too but not by blood. She is friends of my girls who after her mom passed away, had no where to live. I’ve been married for 20 years, 21 this month on the 26th. My husband is an HVAC installer who has been laid off since October. I am a nurse but haven’t worked in over 5 years because I had to have brain surgery. I’m currently waiting for my second surgery. My wish is to go back to work one day but its not likely. I also take care of my oldest daughter who has epilepsy. We have never taken a family vacation before and I would love to win this money to go on vacation. Every time it looks like we can, something happens. Although my family understands, I still feel guilty because its my health and the cost of my health problems that keeps us from going. I just want to do this for my family. Thank you for your consideration.

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