Kroger and Doubling Coupons (Louisville, KY)

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I have received many e-mails and comments about Kroger in the Louisville, KY area asking about Kroger’s coupon policy. The bulk of the questions have been about how Kroger doubles coupons. I called all the stores that I have been asked about (Yes, I was told this information from both the Stoneybrook Store and the Outer Loop Store).

Here’s what I was told by every single store (it was amazing how the wording by every store employee was almost identical – it was like they had been trained in what to say):

  • Coupons up to $0.50 will double (example: a coupon for $0.40 will be redeemed for $0.80)
  • Coupons over $0.50 are accepted at face value (example: a coupon for $0.65 will be redeemed for $0.65 not $1.00)
  • Most important thing to remember: you MUST use your Kroger Plus Card in order for coupons to double

If you come across a Kroger store that does not follow this guideline, please leave a comment and I will contact them to determine what the policy is for that store.

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    • Jean says

      I live there. You need to use your Kroger card for it to double. If you are referring to the digital coupons downloaded to your card, those are at face value.

  1. Hanna says

    My Kroger store in campbellsville ky, says that they will only accept three printable coupons in one transaction. When I asked if they meant printable coupons for like items they said no three pritable ones in one transaction. I don’t understand since they are considered manf. coupons!?!?!

    • Julia says

      Some stores (not just Kroger stores) limit the number of printable coupons you can use. I think this will change in the future as more and more manufacturers are moving to social media to promote their products with printable coupons (after all it’s cheaper for them – we are paying for the ink and paper). My Kroger does not limit the number of printable coupons – it’s a store to store policy.

  2. Candice says

    I was also informed tonight at my Kroger in Campbellsville that they will now only accept 3 printable coupons per transaction. Needless to say, I left alot of merchandise with them tonight!!!

  3. Candice says

    To add more to my above comment – I have shopped at this Kroger for a year & they have always accepted all my coupons. The manager told me the new policy was due to the show “Extreme coupon” This is sad since i have used coupons for years to feed my family of 6 for years

  4. Jessica Peck says

    I just called the store in Louisville, KY on Mudd Lane… zip code 40229. The girl who answered told me they never double any coupons.

  5. angela says

    Jessica drive out Shepherdsville or Mt. Washington they double and don’t care how many of each item you have. I got 28 banquet sausage links yesterday for .19 each and didn’t clear any shelves and they didn’t care that I had that many PAH for them they are awesome!

  6. Jill says

    Ive shopped at the Outer Loop Kroger for years now and my coupons have never doubled. Does anyone know their policy? If I have to drive to the Preston Kroger to get doubling benefits I will :)

  7. Lisa says

    I use Kroger on Bardstown Rd and Hubbards Ln. They never double coupons. If you know of any, I will definitely drive to get double coupons. Thanks.

    • Couponing to be Debt Free says

      Are you sure? I called this store and they told me they double coupons (up to $0.50). You must use your Kroger Plus card in order for coupons to double. I have not found any Kroger store in Louisville that does not double coupons.

      • says

        Kroger @Springhurst does not double coupons
        Kroger @Wesport Road does not double coupons

        And I use my Kroger Plus card… check it out.


  8. says

    Kroger @Springhurst does not double coupons
    Kroger @Wesport Road does not double coupons

    And I use my Kroger Plus card… check it out.

    Thanks – I wish they would

    • Couponing to be Debt Free says

      I shop at Kroger on La Grange Rd, Springhurst and sometimes Westport Rd (corner of Hurstbourne Lane) and my coupons always double (up to $0.50).

  9. Terrie says

    I was told by my Krogersb in Richmond Ky that Krogers will no longer DOUBLE coupons as of September 22nd. This will happen nation wide

  10. Joy Soper says

    According to the Lexington Herald Leader all Kroger stores will no longer double coupons effective Sept 22, 2013. I shop at the Versailles Kroger only because they double coupons. Their prices are higher than any other Kroger in this area (I have compared prices) but it’s the only grocery store in town. I guess as of Sept 22 I’ll be driving to Lexington to the grocery store.

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