Coupon Class – Lesson Four – All About Rite Aid

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 1. You will see the abbreviation SCR on the weekly sales flyer for Rite Aid and on the Internet. SCR stands for Single Check Rebate. This is the amount of money Rite Aid will refund to you in the form of a rebate. You can submit the rebate by mail or directly on Rite Aid’s website (found here). An example of this might be $2 SCR #9. This means you will receive a $2 rebate on that item. The 9 is the rebate number for that item.

2. You must go back to Rite Aid’s rebate website at the end of the month to request your rebate. You are given a 30 day window to request your rebate.

3. Rite Aid has short videos called Rite Aid Video Values (found here) that you can watch on their website to earn coupons for items featured in those videos. These coupon can be stacked with manufacturer coupons.

4. You can combine coupons with rebates. This often means you will be paid money to purchase items at Rite Aid. For Example: You purchase an item that costs $5 and there is a $5 SCR and you have a $2 coupon for that item. You will pay Rite Aid $3 after the coupon and they will mail you $5. You were just paid $2 for buying that item!

5. Rebates usually have a limit of one per item. Read the weekly flyer closely!

6. Rite Aid accepts Internet printed coupons up to $5.00.

7. You CANNOT use a BOGO FREE coupon on a BOGO FREE sale and get both items for FREE.

8. Rite Aid also has another reward program called Wellness Plus where you can earn +Up Rewards. These are similar to Extra Care Bucks at CVS. When you buy participating products, reward money is printed on your receipt that you can use on your next transaction. +Up Rewards roll so you can use them to pay for the same item again and earn +Up Rewards.

9. You can get a Wellness Plus card at Rite Aid stores or you can get one online here. You will need it to receive some sale prices and all +Up Rewards (in addition, your spending will be tracked so you can earn up to 20% off your future purchases).

10. Go here to read Rite Aid’s official coupon policy.

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  1. Jennifer says

    Oooh….I love Rite Aid! :) I got two boxes of Special K cereal for .15 a piece about a month ago. This week I got two JIF peanut butters which cost me .98 after my coupons but I also got $2.00 in UP rewards so they actually paid me. LOVE IT!!!

    I did mess up, though, by buying the Edy’s ice cream which was on sale for 2.99. I bought it a day early and did not get the rewards. I went back the next day to see if they could simply adjust my receipt so I could get my rewards but they said no that I would have to bring my ice cream in and do a return. (haha) I just let it go. I learned, though, to carefully watch the sale ad dates so it’s all a learning process. :)

  2. Tennille says

    Finally, I have something in writing about all the programs that Rite Aid has to offer. Before now, it was clear as mud!!! I finally understand!! Thanks!!!

  3. Susan H. says

    Love my RiteAid. They have a cashier at the front who is who friendly and works with me on as many transactions as I want to do. She is amazed sometimes at how little I have to pay. :)

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