Look for Blue Rhino Propane Tank Rebate Form at Walgreens

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We had to exchange our propane tank for our BBQ today and we noticed that Walgreens is now selling propane tanks. Since I get so much free stuff from Walgreens, my husband suggested that we get the tank from them. When I went inside to pay, the cashier handed 2 rebate forms to me. They were for a $3.00 rebate on Blue Rhino propane cylinders. The cool thing about these forms is that they don’t expire until December 2011 and you can submit one form per calendar year. So, I have one for today’s purchase and I will put one of the forms away until next summer and get $3.00 back on a refill then too! Look for the forms by the cash register (tear pad).

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  1. james martinez says

    I did not see this coupon by the cash register, and it was not mentioned to me by any associate at walgreen’s much less the manager. He came to unlock the propane cage outside. I did not notice it until this morning two days later.

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